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enlist in small platoons

Let's go with us using original path way, wearing replica of paratrooper uniform, spent night on same places like in June 1944, feeling the sensation and emotion, living in a French landscape, small group of 8 persons, using jeeps and period vehicules.

Immersion is everywhere

Normandy ...

Normandy is the best place for immersion for the World War Two passionnated people. The French hedgerows, the small corn fields, the villages still with fighting traces, all remain the same. While driving your jeeps, in your paratrooper uniform, and not meeting modern vehicules for long period of time, the tiny roads surrounded by giant hedgerows will push you back into the past ... and we know your imagination will do the rest ... you'll get the thrill.

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In memory to their suprem sacrifice

The historical program

The discovery of Normandy is the ideal program for any student wishing to deepen his historical knowledge. We believe that it is important to offer the possibility of learning in conditions of total immersion with history and also with the population of France and French culture.

Learn common moral values

Bravery, Valors, Courage, Combativity, Team Spirit, Will, Initiatives, Stress, Fear, Risks, Conquets, Decison, Strategies, Discipline ... So many words that are found both in the vocabulary of the business world and in those of the Armies. We have an adapted program that allows both to integrate a training for the managers and to confront the theory to the action carried out by the heroes in Normandy.