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alignment of world war two vehicules, jeeps, dodges and trucks


D-DAY 1944 - Utah beach commemorative monument dedicated to the 4th US infantry division

Revisit the D DAY battlefield

Willys jeeps in convoy in Normandy hedgerow


With D-DAY MEMORY TOUR, you will experience an unforgettable adventure. Immersed in the heart of Normandy, in the region of Sainte-Mere-Eglise, you will travel back in time during the liberation of Europe in the summer of 1944. Equipped with the same uniforms as the American soldiers wore the day they landed on the coast of France, you will re-live their amazing journey using only the supplies they were given. Your platoon will travel by Jeep, the very same Jeeps that were used during the war and technical support will be present at all times.

82nd Airborne paratrooper handling his M1 Garand rifle as he captured a German POW in Normandy during D-Day, one of the many then and now pictures of D-DAY MEMORY TOUR


You will have the assistance of a history expert to guide you through the different villages and museums. This unique experience requires members to be both physically and mentally prepared to adapt to similar unpredictable situations the soldiers encountered in 1944. At certain times during this trip a full immersion has been planned to help the participants fully understand history. Visits to an exceptional museum will also be part of this unique trek. To assure a full immersion in this extraordinary time, a guide or “Platoon leader” will guide you and your group to different places. At other times, you will have to navigate by yourself using the same materials and map of the time.

Sunset on La Fiere Bridge and the Iron Mike Monument


From the time, you register to your actual departure, you will receive many pieces of information explaining your mission. Just like the young soldiers enlisted in this war, you will experience their preparation as it was your own piece of history. This exclusive trip is not intended to be a “war-game” or a game of paintball. You will use the same roads and walk the same grounds the soldiers walked on in 1944 where courageous and selfless men shed their blood and lost their lives in the name of freedom. It is with great respect that you will explore each historic site and embrace history. Now that you are ready to embark in this inspirational journey, I invite you to read the program that awaits you.

Immerse yourself in history... immerse yourself in Normandy in the summer of 1944.

A WWII US truck along with Willys jeeps and the Stars and Stripes

The causeway to Cauquigny seen from La Fiere bridge, in june 1944, all this area was flooded excepted for the causeway

Feel the US paratroopers's stories

Itinerary of the tour

June 6, 1944

You discover the mission that you will perform during your stay in Normandy. Your area of operation will be from Sainte Mere Eglise to Omaha Beach, following the same pathways that were crossed by the 'GI’s' on the D-Day and the week after.

Now it is your turn to feel the same emotions crossing the towns of Carentan, Hiesville, Chef-du-Pont and other historical sites, such as 'La Fiere' bridge spanning the river 'Merderet' or 'Brecourt Manor'.

This trip is more than just a destination. With your Willys Jeep you will return to the past where young allies have shed their blood to defend Freedom. We are proud to guide you through History, that began on June 6, 1944.

Airborne All The Way...

day by day program

day by day on the map

The Normandy cliffs seen from La Pointe Du Hoc

The Iron Mike at La Fiere bridge

from soldiers's stories to generals


The Overlord Extension Tour is available on demand, please contact us for information.

Sunset on the Merderet from La fiere bridge

50 miles ... 156 000 allied troops ... 1 day


We are in 1944, after having traveled on the roads of Normandy and lived thrills in the Normand bocage, you are back in the civilian life ... Continue your expedition visiting the Canadian and English sectors, the port of Arromanches, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD beaches.

day by day program

looking in the direction of the Timmes orchard from La Fiere bridge, all this area was flooded in 1944

from D DAY to Hitler's last gamble


We are in 1944, this mission includes an extended trip to Bastogne, after having traveled on the roads of Normandy and lived thrills in the Normand bocage, you are back in the civilian life ... Continue your expedition visiting the Canadian and English sectors, the port of Arromanches, GOLD, JUNO and SWORD beaches. After visit to Caen Memorial , you will be driven to the sites of the famous Battle of the Bulge. You will see the hell experienced by men of Commander McAuliffe and his famous reply "Nuts!!!".

As an informed visitor with your experience in Normandy, you will better understand what happened in that place.

This extended trip to Bastogne will give you the desire to return with us on another immersion trip 'the Battle of the Bulge' that we will be proposed for 2018.

Airborne All The Way...

day by day program

The Merderet from La Fiere bridge

The best managed for you


  • 6(*) Nights in historical places, Castel, Manor, Farm.
    • we can arrange a 1 night Bivouac on demand.
  • 6(*) Typically and tasty breakfast.
  • 6(*) Lunch restaurant and picnic, without alcohol.
  • 6(*) Dinner with drink 2 glass of wine/pers. included.

(*)10 for those who select the Bastogne extension


  • Ground transportation Jeep included, with gas.
  • Truck mechanical assistance.
  • Logistical support.
  • Material for bivouacs and camp, first aid kit.
  • Entries Museums.
  • Insurance majestic seven corner for medical assistance and medical evacuation.
  • Guides platoon leader full time.
  • Airport transfer Paris - Normandy - Paris by van.
  • WIFI in room and out by mobile wifi hotspot.